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Welcome to rabb1t's web space
status: homeless; have gaming laptop, have car, unemployed

This is my blog page; some of my ramblings will be here. Feel free to bookmark whichever page you would visit most. The most important PC tech ramblings will appear on my PC page, but there may be a more in depth story here in my blog.

July 4, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 219: Fallout - Link
I ramble a bit about replaying through Fallout: New Vegas and issues with crashing on Fallout Shelter.
June 30, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 365) - Link
The last week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

At the end of this year of fail things feel worse than ever. While a few have sent donations lately, it seems no more are coming. With a now overdue phone bill, and car registration just around the corner in a few weeks, it seems my end may be near, and that the next year of fail will be the year I lose what little is left.

June 27, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 218: Marketing fail - Link
Bungie has made some questionable choices in the past with exclusive content. Last Wednesday they announced a new exclusive which may have caused such a commotion they may have killed their 10 year plan less than one year in. Backlash has been high, and it will likely take quite a lot to recover.
June 23, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 364) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This week I am feeling sick and dazed. I caught a cold last week and it has been lingering. Lack of sleep has me feeling dazed and confused most of the time. And when I'm not, I'm very worried, as my resources are again reaching zero.

June 20, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 217: Previewing some stuff - Link
A supporter sent me two new games this past week. One was Castle Crashes, which is a super cute and fun brawler type game, and the other is Ironcast which is a match three style game, but with several strategic twists which make it quite interesting.

I also talk about Fallout Shelter, which I tried to play on my iPhone but it kept crashing, so I only have a few thoughts on it. It's a fun free to play base building game set in the Fallout universe.

June 16, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 363) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Things are still very sad, but this week a few surprises change things up a bit.

June 13, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 216: Braid break - Link
This week is mosty just a check in week, but I ramble very briefly about an indie game called Braid.
June 9, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 362) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Terribly depressed most of this week, possibly the worst and most worried ever. In the last few days I am spared, and hope is renewed, at least for the moment.

June 6, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 215: Going boom - Link
This week all I have is a short preview of a free to play game called Bunny Goes Boom. It's an endless... flier?... where you are a bunny on a rocket trying to go as far as you can.
June 2, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 361) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Things continue to be terrible, and seemingly continue to get worse. More and more I worry that soon I will be left with nothing at all.

May 30, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 214: Mad return - Link
The new Mad Max movie is a perfect continuation of a series which has been dormant for quite some time. The story revolves around someone who Max meets who is trying to escape to freedom while taking the wives of the tribe leader with her. They are chased across the desert wastes, and as is common for a Mad Max movie lots of car battling ensues. This does not disappoint a true Mad Max fan, and for those who aren't yet fans it just may make them one.

I talk a bit more about the new Destiny: House of Wolves content.

The iOS game I mentioned last podcast was called Crossy Road and I give a very brief review. It's a cute game where you are trying to get across a very dangerous and busy road.

May 26, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 360) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Mostly a low week filled with lots of emotional pain, and at the start of the fail week lots of physical pain. There is a brief moment of surprise at how people reacted to my project for class, but emotions quickly sink again as I have nothing to do but wait during the long weekend.

May 23, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 213: Wolves tour - Link
I had a chance to play some of the Destiny House of Wolves. It seems very similar in design and content amount to the previous 'expansion', and adds on a couple of new material types, a few new enemies in the expansion area, a limited use weapon, and a new special weapon; the Sidearm.
May 19, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 359) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Another week of fail has come and gone. A few donations came and have spared me for another week, but with so few I am constantly on the edge and worry.

May 18, '15 - Monday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations are up.
May 16, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 212: Snow escape - Link
Snow Piercer is an interesting science fiction piece done in English, but was originally a South Korean film based on a French novel, so it's quite a bit different than the usual science fiction. It's basically a story about the last people on Earth who are all on a train. The story follows characters from the back of the train rising up against the oppressive upper class people who live in the front of the train.

Wedding Escape is a bit of a twist on the traditional 'match three' type game in that you can't move tiles, but instead flip them. It's a very interesting take on a genera which had become quite stale and repetitive.

May 12, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 358) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

While the initial recent boost of help two weeks ago spared me, that money has now run out and I am again on the edge of nothing with seemingly no more help on the way. Even though I know there are a few new and old people out there who do care about me, the more time that passes that I don't get a little support each month to make it through, the more and more heartbroken I get, and the less and less likely it seems I will make it out without something truly extraordinary and unexpected happening.

May 9, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 211: Age of worry - Link
Someone I helped through a class last quarter gave me two movie passes. I've used the first to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. This continues the adventures of the original Avenger's team, but does less to advance the story of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. than the original movie. There's a lot of action, and it's a good time.
May 5, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 357) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This week started very sad, but I got some donations, so things quickly looked up a bit. I paid the overdue phone bill and have a bit left for gas. I feel a bit better knowing there are more people out there concerned for me and hoping that I recover, but it is still difficult not to be sad about all the things I miss.

May 2, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 210: Falling apart - Link
I got a brief chance to play Agent Dash. It's a fun super agent style endless runner with a lot of style and seemingly a very fair coin system.

It seems the bigger reason my iOS games have been more and more difficult to play is not the age of the phone, but the phone in various states of death.

With more wear and tear and breaking down in the eight months I've had it, compared to the like 2-3 years I've had my PC headphones, I give a serious look and re-evaluation of the PlayStation Gold headset.

April 28, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 356) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Life continues to be terrible. My phone bill is now overdue. Barely any gas is left in my car. I have no money for anything, and it seems no help from donations is to be expected.

April 25, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 209: Brief vacation in Tamriel - Link
I got a chance to play Elder Scrolls Online free for a weekend as part of their Tamriel Unlimited hype event. Technically the game doesn't appear to have changed much from the time I spent in beta. It still lies somewhere between a single player game and an MMO, and while that felt very odd to me during beta when they had a required monthly subscription, that design seems fine and makes sense without the required monthly subscription. I talk quite a bit how skills and classes work, which I don't remember if I did during my final beta review.
April 21, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 355) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Clean laundry and increasing worry and stress over having no money and yet another month's bills coming up.

April 18, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 208: Devilish human - Link
Being Human (2011-2014) was a show that ran for four seasons and was based on a UK show. It's about a Vampire, Werewolf, and Ghost who live together. It's got a little bit of conflict/action, but is mostly a philosophical exploration about who they are and how the reconcile the monster within.

Daredevil (2015-) is based on the comic of the same name and is a NetFlix exclusive. The first season explores the origins of Daredevil as well as Kingpin. There's quite a bit of action, but there is also a good amount of detective work and exploration about greater plots of crime against the city.

April 14, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 354) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This week I feel weird and sad, possibly because of another semester starting. I get clear test results from my blood check. I share some lunch with tiny ants.

April 11, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 207: Interstellar zombie quest - Link
Despite a confusing beginning, and constant swapping of aspect ratio throughout the film, Interstellar (2014) is one of the best classic science fiction films I've ever seen. The movie is split between two stories; one about people traveling to a distant galaxy to find a new home for humanity, and a group who are still on Earth trying to find the solutions of how to get there. It has a heavy emphasis on story and dialogue which we haven't seen in movies in quite some time, and it's very refreshing to see a return to that style in science fiction with recent films.

The Quest Keeper is a charming and fairly simple game for mobile. You guide an adventurer along a flat plane, while swiping to avoid literal pitfalls and traps.

Corridor Z is a different take on endless runners in that you are running towards the screen, creating a higher sense of tension and urgency.

April 7, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 353) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

A horrible relapse keeps me sick for several days. Bunny day without being able to be a bunny to anyone makes me very very sad.

April 4, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 206: Not the bunny - Link
Various rambling talking about level design; static vs. random content. How I prefer randomized content, and how I don't understand why developers don't include more random content, or at least a hybrid of static and random in MMO design.
March 31, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 352) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

It seems maybe I was never fully recovered from throwing up a few weeks ago. This week I'm hit with a fever and the worst chills ever. I see the school doctor people and I'm on anti-biotics and slowly getting better.

March 28, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 205: Just checking in - Link
Various rambling talking about returning to Diablo 3, waiting for the Hearthstone expansion, and some pain I've been having lately.
March 24, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 351) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Just as I recover from my sick times, my tooth starts acting up again and I have several days of fairly bad pain, ruining what would otherwise be good and potentially happy days.

March 21, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 204: Powers - Link
Powers (2015) on PlayStation Network is pretty good. I ramble a bit about how it's quite different for a superhero show, as it explores if those with powers really have power, and what that means to them and those around them.
March 17, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 350) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

One of the sickest weekends in my life ever. Slowly recovering, and still very worried my money will run out any moment now.

March 14, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 203: Kill and fetch, no thanks - Link
I ramble a bit about how one of the big reasons for my falling out of love with MMOs is the kill and fetch quest design. I talk about how it hinders player freedom and makes you feel like you are required to be somewhere.
March 10, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 349) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Still no change in donations or a job. My mind wanders to what is lost and what it misses. I worry about how quickly the next few remaining weeks will pass and I will be completely out of money for not food things.

March 7, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 202: Forced co-op - Link
I ramble a bit about how games that design around forced co-op play may be both a good thing and a bad.
March 3, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 348) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Nothing really new this week. Things seem sad as I get over my cold, and I become sad about what has been lost. With money rapidly dwindling I become more saddened and worried about my future.

February 28, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 201: Cheese - Link
I ramble a bit about people I play with cheesing fights in the Destiny raid and how I don't agree that it's helpful for improving your skill or learning fights long-term.
February 27, '15 - Friday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations are up.
February 24, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 347) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

I continue to be super sick, which added to the constant sad things in my life, makes things difficult.

February 21, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 200: Special number, unspecial podcast - Link
I ramble a bit about buying games which you don't plan on playing for a while.
February 17, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 346) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This week was extra terrible with several scares about my system maybe no longer working right and needing to spend $40 to repair my phone.

February 14, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 199: Play date - Link
Not a whole lot new this time, as I have no new games. I ramble a bit more about things I've discovered in Darkest Dungeon, and a few further thoughts in Dying Light. And I'm still occasionally playing Destiny and Hearthstone.
February 10, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 345) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

I have my tax money, so I am safe for the moment. But now I worry about money all the time, as that is the last of it. And when it's gone everything will rapidly go with it, including what little is left of me.

February 7, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 198: Zombies in the Dungeon - Link
I have some more thoughts about Dying Light. I really like how combat ramps up as you get better, as well as the difference in play style and combat between day and night. Perks and skill trees seem a bit more limited than I originally thought, so that seems disappointing. And while I'm still not thrilled with the inventory system I found some things which make it a bit easier to navigate. I have figured out some ways to navigate better, so getting to and from quests is quick and easy now. I do find the lack of conversation options and character customization disappointing, but overall if you enjoyed the Dead Island games you should definitely pick up Dying Light.

I got my early access for Darkest Dungeon, though it seems it's released now. It is difficult to describe, but I suppose you could call it a graphic novel art style which is a roster based hero management game which focuses on keeping your heroes alive both physically and mentally. During their dungeon exploration and battles they will suffer both physical damage, as well as mental fatigue. In town you can recover, but recovering and managing these afflictions is where the real challenge takes place. It's really unique and different for many reasons, and I highly recommend it.

February 3, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 344) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

While I did my taxes and they were more than I'd expected, I become increasingly worried as my money ticks away, and seemingly my life ticks away along with it.

January 31, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 197: Do not go gentle - Link
I have some early thoughts about Dying Light. I really like the skill leveling progression system, and so far I really like everything about the game.
January 27, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 343) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Good news for this week is that it seems the game firewall at school is down. I don't know if that's permanent or temporary, but it grants a small boost in morale as I become more and more concerned about the few weeks of money I have remaining.

January 24, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 196: Free for a weekend - Link
I ramble a bit about Saints Row IV, which was free for a weekend. I also ramble briefly about what else I've been playing lately.
January 20, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 342) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This week I deal with the mystery of bleeding and not bleeding from somewhere you should never be bleeding.

January 17, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 195: A chalice that's massive - Link
I ramble a bit about an early entry game, Massive Chalice. It's a turn based strategy / resource management game similar in style to the new XCOM. There's a lot to like about the game and it shows a lot of promise, but being early access it's not feature complete, and there is currently a game stopping bug.
January 13, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 341) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Classes seem good this quarter. I'm super happy being a TA gain. But with my unemployment running out and my friend stopping her online work I was doing, I fear things may turn bad quickly in 2015.

January 10, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 194: Dark reflection - Link
I ramble a little bit about a dark classic science fiction show I found recently called Black Mirror. It's a bit like Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits, but with a focus on modern social media and what it may evolve, or devolve, into in the future.
January 6, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 340) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Things begin to return to normal after the console network coming back up, but the end of the fail week brings bad news and the outlook for 2015 begins to look bleak.

January 3, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 193: Late night triple feature picture show - Link
I ramble about some of the movies I've been waiting to see. Knights of Badassdom was as awesome as it looked in trailers. I still can't understand why it was held back for two years. I, Frankenstein was meh. And Sharknado 2 was a pretty big disappointment. It just seemed to mimic what made the first one good, but did so in a 'me too' kind of way that just felt too predictable that made it feel like it was trying way too hard.

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