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Welcome to rabb1t's web space
status: homeless; have gaming laptop, have car, unemployed

This is my blog page; some of my ramblings will be here. Feel free to bookmark whichever page you would visit most. The most important PC tech ramblings will appear on my PC page, but there may be a more in depth story here in my blog.

February 6, '16 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 248: Divided about The Division - Link
In this podcast I talk about the beta weekend for Tom Clancy's The Division. Characters started at level 4, and none of the character creator was unlocked, so you had to pick from about 4 pre-designed characters (for each male and female). The RPG/cover based mechanic does feel weird, but if you have played other cover based shooters the system will feel familiar very quickly. Much of the character customization was unlocked, but I did get a peek at what the system would be like overall. I was also very surprised how addictive the loot system was in terms of both being able to spec my character the way I wanted and in terms of being able to tweak my favorite weapon types. I do still have very serious hesitations for the real / modern world spin they have taken, as that heavily limits the freedom they have in bad guy and location design. If you are very into modern world shooters it will likely be fine, though may be short on content, but if you aren't you probably will want to wait and see what reviews say at launch.
February 2, '16 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 396) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Focusing on just today has helped with feeling broken hearted, but each day I get closer and closer to nothing.

January 30, '16 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 247: 2016 preview, maybes - Link
In this podcast I talk about what I'm looking forward to in 2016, but have reservations about. Tom Clancy's The Division could be the perfect combination of MMO and shooter. But, it's RPG shooter style, and fact that it was originally designed just for consoles, does indicate that it may have a very short single player experience, and overall may be short on content.

The Warcraft movie looks incredible. It looks like it will have a very deep and emotional story of a struggle between two people. However, with lore as rich and deep that it's drawing on, I wonder if the movie will come off as epic as the lore, or if it will just seem shallow and uninteresting.

January 26, '16 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 395) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

The struggle with feeling broken hearted continues.

January 19, '16 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 394) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

All the nice things lately help me hang on, but this week I am feeling very broken hearted and homesick.

January 16, '16 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 246: 2016 preview - Link
In this podcast I talk about what I'm looking forward to in 2016. For gaming; XCOM 2 (0:42), Overwatch, and the thieves' guild content for Elder Scrolls Online. For movies; Deadpool (8:47), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War.
January 12, '16 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 393) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Still getting over my cold. School starts up and things get busy busy busy.

January 5, '16 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 392) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

The new year is just starting, and the sad vacation time is over and school is open again. I don't know what this year will bring. Currently things seem set to rapidly spiral down and be worse than ever. But I try to hang on to hope, as I do with all times of change.

January 2, '16 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 245: Finishing 2015 - Link
I found a way to break down that junk in Fallout 4, but really this podcast is just rambling about where the podcast was intended to go, how I feel that it hasn't been continuing towards that, and how I feel a bit sad about what it's become due to the sad things in my life.
December 29, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 391) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Donations and gifts come and I am spared. But it seems like I may only be spared for the moment, as there is not enough to cover all the critical costs and have enough for gas too. One or two things must go unpaid. As the days and nights grow colder, my future still looks dim.

December 26, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 244: Fallout detailing - Link
This week I talk about a lot of the details that make Fallout 4 really great; legendary loot, ever changing areas, all the places to explore, environments and how that affects AI and game play, tweaking loot, and all of the little details that contribute to Fallout 4's world.
December 22, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 390) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Things start with amazing Xmas gifts, but quickly turn to sadness as I'm forced to begin my time at the library earlier than expected, and gas seems like it won't last and I'll be on foot from now on in extreme cold and rainy weather.

December 19, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 243: The wastelands - Link
This week in the main section I ramble about Fallout 4. With only about five hours in I haven't seen much, but the experience leaving the vault and the surrounding area is super creepy. Weapon customization is as cool as it looked in previews. Items can now sort of be compared between what is equipped and what is being looked at. Locational armor is awesome. The perk system from skill system change is different, but more representative of what you are really doing when leveling up. Base building hasn't grabbed me yet, but it could just be the lack of a good interface for it, as it uses the same point of view as everything else.

I also got a few smaller indie games to cheer me up; AaAaAA!!! and The Wonderful End of the World.

December 15, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 389) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Things start to seem extra sad with the closing of school. Even though there is some good news about being inside during the break, it seems there is less and less for me to celebrate each year.

December 12, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 242: Almost a thing - Link
This week I ramble about almost having a new game to try out.
December 8, '15 - Tuesday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations posted in September have been updated. I've been very sad and heartbroken about all the things lately and didn't do my usual November update for the holidays, but these are still valid. (Though with the holiday rush many parts are out of stock.)
December 8, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 388) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

A big donation comes, allowing me to sign up for school. But with so many other things needing attention, and the increasing cold, with the upcoming holiday closing time at school, things start to seem extra sad.

December 5, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 241: ESO addon update - Link
This week I ramble about the addons I'm currently using for Elder Scrolls Online; Advanced filters, Crafting stations, FCO Craft Filter, FCO Item Saver, Harvens Trait And Style, Lore Books, Lost Treasure, SkyShards, Srendarr.
December 1, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 387) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

The scare from my car battery begins to fade, but more worry surfaces as I get notice my benefits for food are running out and I have to go in to renew the application. The long weekend holiday seems like forever, and reminds me of happier, and sadder, times, and I worry things may just continue to get worse as donations and help slow.

November 28, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 240: More Turkey reminder - Link
This week I ramble about the things I would nom if I could, but first there is a very sad story about some trouble I had between last podcast and this podcast.
November 24, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 386) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Last Friday the car failed to start. It is apparently a fixable issue if I can replace the battery. Someone helped by sending one, and it should be here sometime today, so I remain hopeful.

November 21, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 239: Turkey reminder - Link
This week I ramble about the things to remember this, and all, Thanksgiving weekends.
November 17, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 385) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Worry continues to return as funds are reaching zero, and things are needing attention.

November 14, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 238: Maelstrom arena, no thanks - Link
This week I ramble about the new Maelstrom arena in the Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium content. It's a very action arcade style combat which has multiple stages in multiple rounds. I guess it's ok for a very different kind of PvE challenge, but it's too arcadey for an MMO RPG for my tastes.
November 10, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 384) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Spirits are lifted with a super nice donation and gifts, yet by the end of the week the weather grows cold, the money is used up, and worry returns.

November 7, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 237: Humble khajiit visits the orcs - Link
This week I ramble about the Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium content. It's a very cool high-end questing (PvE) zone which will battle level you up to its level if you aren't vr15/16. It has new crafting nodes for the materials of that rank, and a new way to prevent them from being over farmed. For PvE players at max level this is a must have, doubly so for those who are crafters.
November 3, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 383) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

This week there are many reminders of better days, and things seem to end on a very low note.

October 31, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 236: Because, reasons - Link
This week I ramble about the games that have been mentioned in the news lately and why I would be interested in picking them up, and thus why you may be interested in them.
October 27, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 382) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

This week many sad things make me feel like I am again losing hope. I continue to try and hang on until help comes and I see better days.

October 24, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 235: Pay to emote - Link
This week I ramble about the new Destiny micro-transaction emotes. While it seems normal and common to charge for mounts, pets, or other items, it seems odd to charge for emotes, since MMOs typically have so many of them.
October 20, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 381) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

I finally get my phone set up. Since there were no numbers left in my local area I picked one from the 818 area code; Van Nuys, which is near LA. It is funny to think my phone is from the future me, one who is doing voice work and happily living in the LA area. In an odd way, it feels like a first real step towards that, though in reality I am no closer to it actually happening.

October 17, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 234: No guild - Link
This week I ramble about some of the possible reasons why I've not found a guild and why I maybe expect too much from them.
October 13, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 380) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Ups and downs this week. With the new hoodie and new boots many of my reminders of my sad life are gone, but other struggles return to remind me how far I've fallen and that who I was may never be able to return, and that me may be just a fading memory.

October 10, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 233: Pee Vee Pee - Link
I've been doing the Imperial City to gather resources for crafting, and this week I discuss PvP that goes on there, as well as reasons why I dislike PvP in games in general.
October 6, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 379) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

This week is full of surprises; My PlayStation account seems unbanned, my Destiny characters appear intact, and more importantly someone donated both a new hoodie, and new boots. Things seem to be moving in a direction I will be better able to heal from my sad times.

October 3, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 232: Muppet mayhem - Link
I saw the first episode of the new Muppet show and I am not surprised at hearing that some parent groups are being vocal about not agreeing with the direction. It's quite adult for the Muppets and I would agree I don't think they should have gone quite as far with it as they did.

In the news I talk very briefly about Heroes Reborn (2015) and Minority Report (2015).

September 29, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 378) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Classes begin and shift. My car overheating issue may be resolved.

September 26, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 231: Imperial preview - Link
I decided to pick up the Imperial City downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls Online. This week I peeked at the PvP content a bit. I talk about how it seemed unfair to the more casual PvP players like me, but how overall it is likely worth it if you are doing dungeons and looking for high end gear.
September 22, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 377) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Gray winter time weather turns to super hot. I start work on the friend's project. Excitement for school starting builds.

September 19, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 230: Birthday nightmare - Link
Neverending Nightmares is another one of the games I got in my birthday bundle. It's a graphic adventure style game in that you are wandering hallways and rooms in a nightmare to try and find your way out. But when you do, there is another nightmare. I only played for a short while, about 1.5 hours, so I don't know if it's truly endless, but it has a very interesting art style and it seems pretty unique.
September 15, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 376) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

In surprise news school is open on Fridays now. And, due to increasing frustration and worry about my power supply I get a new one, and with that many of my concerns about issues with my laptop disappear.

September 12, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 229: Birthday sampling - Link
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians is a super cute adventure puzzle type game. You are a 'beat', which sort of looks like a ghost, and your adventure takes place underwater. You are looking into something that's happened, and along the way you have to repair damage and explore areas to find your way to the trouble. The puzzles aren't too tough, and you seem to simply respawn at the last checkpoint when you die. That, added to everything bopping around to the beat and looking pretty cute, adds up to a game that should be quite fun for someone younger, maybe in the 8-teen range, though those older can certainly enjoy it as well.

Monster Loves You! is something I'd define as an interactive storybook in a choose your own adventure style. You play a monster, and are given a story with choices that happen while the monster is growing up. Your choices determine your stats, and the stats help you in later stages of the game to succeed at various challenges. Along the way you build up, or do not build up, a rapport with other monsters and humans, and based on who likes whom at the end you receive one of 14 possible outcomes to the story. Again, this would be a good one for probably younglings in the 8-teen age range, as it is basically an interactive storybook.

I've gotten a bit further in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and have some more thoughts on an odd turn in the gameplay of the game.

September 8, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 375) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

The trees at school have been cut down. The loss of the trees and many critter homes makes me very sad.

September 5, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 228: Old blood new - Link
I was gifted Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for my birthday, and I talk about it briefly. I had forgotten how much of the original Wolfenstein 3D feel the new games have, and the Old Blood is just as awesome as the restart (New Order). A few new enemies and weapons are introduced, but at it's core it's still a solid continuation of the new restart of the series.
September 1, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 374) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

What I thought would be a sad farewell to my spot inside at school turns out to not be. News of a possible one shot job comes up, but looks like it won't happen until next week.

August 29, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 227: Changes, maybe kinda - Link
Super Monsters Ate My Condo is a very interesting game in that it's a combination of a sort of 'match 3' type game, as well as a physics based puzzle type game where pulling out the pieces can destabilize the tower, and if it gets too unstable it will fall. There's a very quick to understand mechanic with matching colors to the monsters, but a much deeper strategy of which tiles to discard, which to keep for matching, when to build up bonuses, and when to use a bonus to trigger a monster special ability.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014) is a mocumentary style comedy about four vampires who are waning in power who are living together. They are older vampires who don't really get modern times, so there is a lot of humor about that. And at the end of the first act a new vampire is made who does get modern stuff, but is very bad at being a vampire, so there's a lot of humor about his bringing the old vampires into the modern world, as well as things which go badly because he's a new vampire. If you are into supernatural comedy this is one you won't want to miss.

Where has the music gone? What are these new bumpers about? Why have I been doing this podcast, and why it's always been my own different thing.

August 28, '15 - Friday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations are up.
August 25, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 373) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

My birthday morning, and the morning after, is ruined with unexpected stress and arguing. However, in good news there were enough b-day gifts and donations to get me enough to sign up for classes, reserve enough to cover a parking sticker for the quarter, and even have enough for a bit of gas and to consider looking into getting a new super low pay as I go phone set up.

August 22, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 226: Monsters and the yellow ball - Link
This time I have a brief look at a couple of iPhone games. The first is Monsters Ate My Metropolis, which is a cutsie style animated card battle type game. It is focusing heavily on the cute and animations, and not so much on the strategic elements and deck building, which is kind of a shame as it makes the deck building and strategy quite a bit harder to get into for newer players. And I took a look at Pac-Man 256, which is an endless style new school take on the classic arcade Pac-Man game. While it retains the spirit of the original there are a few elements which make this one feel a bit odd.

Both games are free to download and play, so if either peaks your interest you might want to give them a look.

August 18, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 372) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Lately more and more I feel like I won't be able to recover without extraordinary help, and it seems as time goes on that help seems less and less likely to happen, and I feel more alone and helpless with each passing day.

August 15, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 225: Update and pondering - Link
I briefly talk a bit more about Magic Duels. But mostly I ramble about how sad and worrisome my life has become and that it is getting more and more difficult to hang on to hope. And with no donations coming and no money for gas, the podcast may need to come to an end as I have little to talk about since I have access to so few things.
August 11, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 371) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

With no donations for a long time things continue to be desperate and on the edge of oblivion.

August 8, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 224: Duel and Vet - Link
I only very briefly peeked at Magic Duels, but I ramble about my first impressions on that. And I've reached veteran ranks for Elder Scrolls Online, so I talk about how the developers made a very odd pacing choice. Not a lot to say this week, as I've been crazy from the end of school and a cold that won't go away, and too much stress from worry about my sad life.
August 4, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 370) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Things begin to settle from the bank chaos. While I continue to recover and try and stay hopeful, things still remain unknown with my possible banning.

August 1, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 223: rabb1t minute - Link
This time I don't have much to talk about, so I talk about a few games to watch for.
July 28, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 369) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

New worries come with an auto renewal of something I didn't request, threatening to overdraw my account. The bank said they will refuse that charge, but as a result I may lose my PlayStation account, which holds my Destiny data, game, and Dying Light.

July 25, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 222: Enhancing the Scrolls - Link
This time I don't have much to talk about, so I tell a funny story that happened to me in Elder Scrolls Online, and I talk about the few addons that I use and what they do.
July 21, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 368) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

I begin to settle in to my new life in my new world, but when I am not there I am still very sad, very worried, and wonder how much I've lost will never be recovered.

July 18, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 221: An odd town and other people's fun - Link
This time I ramble about a few shows I'm watching. Wayward Pines is an interesting show set in the future where town's people are at risk from the terrible things outside, but the townsfolk are not aware that they are living in the future and think they are being held captive from their lives outside the town. Titansgrave is a show about people playing a new game set in a futuristic role playing world where both science and magic exists. And Critical Roll is a role playing game played by voice actors.
July 14, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 367) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

This week has a lot of emotional pain. Through much of the week I worry if I can be saved and get enough donations for registration and smog. I finally get it, and get a donation of a game. But when I did the smog this morning the car was overheating and didn't pass. I am set to go back in the evening and see if it can be cleared, but so far year 8 has not been a very hopeful start.

Update 6:30 PST; an update has been done to talk about today's evening.

July 11, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 220: A brief visit to a forge in the sky - Link
I ramble a bit about a brief peak at a soon to release free to play MMO called Skyforge. While it presents a new style of action combat and character progression, it turns out that combat simply feels extremely spammy and not tactical or strategic, and the progression system doesn't look like it will offer anywhere near the flexibility or freedom originally promised.
July 7, '15 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 8 (week 366) - Link
The first week of Epic Fail year 8 is up.

Year 8 has begun, and it seems I may rapidly lose what little is left. With no income I am completely dependent on donations to keep things running, most notably my car. But it seems they are getting fewer and fewer. It would only take $10 in gas a week, and $100 for my registration (due before three weeks from now) to keep me safe, but with no donations in nearly a month (save for my Patreon supporters), it seems like I may be forced to sell my car. And if that happens I don't see how I'd ever recover.

July 4, '15 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 219: Fallout - Link
I ramble a bit about replaying through Fallout: New Vegas and issues with crashing on Fallout Shelter.

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