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Welcome to rabb1t's web space
status: homeless; have gaming laptop, have car

This is my blog page; some of my ramblings will be here. Feel free to bookmark whichever page you would visit most. The most important PC tech ramblings will appear on my PC page, but there may be a more in depth story here in my blog.

November 22, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 187: The Inquisition of dragons - Link
I have started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I haven't had too much time to play so far, but I talk about early impressions of the game overall, the character creation system, the graphics, the flow of combat, and the size of the world.
November 18, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 333) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Things begin to balance out as I again change my routine to play online from the food store (for free.) Even though things are settling again, I still feel a growing sadness as more and more I am reminded by everything that I do that I don't have a home, and my never have one again.

November 15, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 186: Warriors and BlizzCon previews - Link
I talk about a free to play team based battle game called World of Warriors. It has cool quicktime combat, but also collection based game elements. It seems like it could be a lot of fun, but may be too much for my iphone.

BlizzCon announced Hearthstone's first expansion; Goblins vs. Gnomes. And in a surprise announcement they talked about a brand new game called Overwatch.

November 11, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 332) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

It seems this week happy activities only serve to remind me of what I don't have.

November 8, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 185: Puzzles and a sack peep - Link
I talk about Puzzle to the Center of the Earth. It's an interesting match game for iOS, but also incorporates jumping puzzle features of a platforming game. It can be played for free, and the first section will last you a few hours. When you get to the second section the difficulty will ramp up considerably and you may have a harder time playing without spending real world money due to it's time restricted nature on life respawn times.

Run Sackboy! Run! is an iOS game based on the super cute Little Big Planet universe. Run Sackboy! Run! has all the look and feel of any full Little Big Planet game. It's fun, charming, and super cute. It's free to play though micro transaction purchases will allow you to unlock costumes or boosts faster than you would get with free in-app money.

November 4, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 331) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

As we get closer to my money stopping, and we get closer to this year's holiday time and winter, it seems harder and harder to ignore my sad life, and more and more difficult to remember who I was.

October 31, '14 - Friday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 184: Not quite a Halloween special - Link
I talk a bit about what makes Gotham a great comic based TV series.
October 28, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 330) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

A mix of happy and sad things this week. While there are many happier things, they seem to only remind me of how different my life is, and that my sad things are not normal things.

October 25, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 183: Still on the phone - Link
I have played Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary briefly. It seems a pretty faithful recreation of the original in a modern format and is pretty fun. It's free to play, but the in game currency seems to be unnecessary. I dislike the virtual control stick, but for this game that is kind of unavoidable. If you liked the original you should definitely give this a look.

The Bot Squad is an interesting mix of tower defense and a puzzle game, leaning more towards the puzzle side. It has interesting aspects from both categories, and as a free to play game it's worth a look if you think you might enjoy that. The only down side is that there are real world time based elements and an energy system, so it's one of those games which more often tells you when to play, than you tell the game you want to play.

October 21, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 329) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This week I'm feeling sick, I'm feeling better about class as I go from being behind to being ahead, I play my game with some friends, and at the end of the week I'm feeling very sad and having a difficult time with my sad life.

October 16, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 182: On the phone - Link
I picked up an interesting iOS match thee type game called Adventure Xpress. It has a few differences from the traditional match three game, and it's free to play.

While I never picked up Zombie Highway 1, I noticed Zombie Highway 2 was out and it is free to play. I decided to give it a try.

October 14, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 328) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Things seem bad this week, as I completely run out of money. With no offers of help and no notes of concern it seems more and more I am on my own and noone seems to care.

October 11, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 181: Rambly ramblings - Link
I don't have anything really to focus on this week, so I ramble about various things. I ramble about a recent Facebook game I played; Prime World: Defenders. I talk about how I'd like to play, but can't afford, Shadows of Mordor and Alien: Isolation. And I talk a bit about what I can and can't do with Destiny due to lack of money and other resources normal people have who play.
October 7, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 327) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

As we near the end of 2014 and things get tougher it becomes more difficult to stay positive. The weight of these last almost seven years hits me, and I become very sad as I ponder the friends who I've seen get out of tough situations like mine and the reality that they did so because others helped, and I seemingly have noone who can.

October 4, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 180: Queen's loot - Link
I talk a bit more about Destiny's Queen's Wrath event, specifically the rewards and loot. And I got to briefly preview the new loot system before this recording, so I have some early thoughts about how good the changes look.
September 30, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 326) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

It's nice to be back at school with time to do all the things, but sad life still seems sad due to my forced windows of time where I must do x or I don't get a chance to do it at all.

September 27, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 179: Subtraction and Addition - Link
Blizzard has officially canceled its next MMO, which previously had the working codename 'project Titan'. It's had a rocky road with it's recent third redesign and predicted 2016 launch, but for several reasons Blizzard has now officially decided to halt production and cancel the project. While this may be good news for World of Warcraft fans, I state why this news is disappointing to me.

In very sad news for me, Double Fine has effectively given up on Spacebase DF-9. I'm not sure what will be put in before the game is called released, but they had lots of features planned which will never be implemented and it won't be the game they set out to make.

Destiny is currently having its first special event; Queen's Wrath. It will run until October 6th and there are some fun and interesting bounty quests and special mode story quests you can do to get gear and build up Queen's Wrath faction.

September 24, '14 - Wednesday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations are up.
September 23, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 325) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Sad times become more sad as my having money to play Destiny at the Internet Cafe remains on a fixed clock. Testing at the food store were promising, but without something like a Gaems PGE case the reality of unpacking, packing, taking, re-unpacking, and re-packing my console over and over seems problematic.

September 20, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 178: More Destiny - Link
In this week's podcast I have some more thoughts about the release client for Destiny. I've now reached nearly level 26, with somewhere around 75 played hours. I discuss how I felt about the story, how I feel about grouping, and how I feel about level design.

I've seen a lot of poo pooing of Destiny in many reviews, and in the second part of the podcast I offer some counter points to consider. I discuss how the story is not only just a start, but how story telling in Destiny is different because you aren't 'the one' in the same way the main character is in nearly every other game. I point out that many reviewers are ignoring the fact that Destiny will be updated over time. And I discuss how hitting max and being finished is not the point of Destiny.

September 16, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 324) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

My fun week of playing Destiny is at a close and I must now return to 'homeless normal'. From now on I'll basically be 'hourly' and only able to afford a few hours a few times a week, with an occasional free day pass every few weeks. For those curious to see how far I got, you can peek at me here. (Note that Bladedancer is the subclass I normally use. I'm set in Gunslinger to level it up.)

September 13, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 177: A taste of Destiny - Link
In this week's podcast I have some early thoughts about the release client for Destiny. At the point of this recording I'd played roughly 10 hours and was level 12. (At the time of this writing I'm now at about 20 played hours and almost level 21.) I talk about some of the changes to aim assist, differences in drop rate compared to the beta, and have some early thoughts on the story.
September 9, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 323) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Feeling both excited and sad at Destiny's impending launch. Getting pretty sick and hoping it doesn't get worse.

September 6, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 176: More TV time - Link
I don't have much going on with gaming at the moment, and with no games, no job, and no classes right now I've got a lot of time to kill. I've recently picked up three series people might be interested in. The first, Hemlock Grove, starts extremely strong in its first season, but kind of falls down for the second. It starts off as an interesting mix of Twin Peaks, Supernatural, and True Blood, but in the second season things get a bit weird and off track.

The second series I talk about is From Dusk Till Dawn. About half of the first season introduces us to the characters an their background, a quarter loosely follows the events of the first movie of the same name, and the last quarter expands on the lore the series has added going above and beyond the first movie. I'm interested to see where its second season goes.

The third show I talk about is Lost Girl, which I like quite a bit. I've only seen most of the first season, with four seasons available and a fifth (and final) season airing supposedly in December. The show basically revolves around two characters who are basically private eyes. One is a succubus and the other a regular human. They frequently need help, and a few other characters commonly make an appearance, making the show more of a cop buddy show or sort of a crime drama. It's an interesting mix, and there's a lot of cool Fae lore on top of it all.

September 2, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 322) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Time slows as I run out of things to do. The days get more and more difficult to remain distracted. Most of the week I have a sniffly / sneezy cold.

August 30, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 175: First look-ish; Shadow Realms and HUNT - Link
Shadow Realms is a 4v1 actiony 3rd person dungeon crawl type game. Characters are chosen from a set class, but will reportedly have enough flexibility to build how they like. Games will supposedly be pretty quick, with your character having persistent growth, as well as an evolving story. The game will be free to play, but nothing was stated on what kind of monetization model the game would have.

HUNT looks like an interesting take on a 4 person co-op shooter. It will be a slower paced 3rd person shooter focusing more on tactics and careful planning. Characters are reportedly completely skill based, but I'm assuming there must be some kind of skill tree progression, otherwise players would just take a mish mosh of everything and everyone would be the same. Nothing has been revealed on character skill choice or progression. The game will be free to play, but nothing was stated on any kind of monetization.

August 27, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 321) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

A sad gaming birthday and losing connectivity at the food store, resulting in little to no gaming this week.

August 23, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 174: Invisible super heroes - Link
I had a chance to play inFAMOUS Second Son. It's a smaller open world 3rd person over the shoulder type game where you play someone who's recently acquired superhero-like powers. The story follows the main character's discovery of his powers, the others who have these powers, and the people hunting them. While I thought the super powers were pretty fun to play with, the various sets felt a bit too similar for my tastes. And, like many other games, I wondered if the morality system actually made a difference in how the game plays out. The graphics and character animations are really great, voice acting is solid, and although short at a reported 10-15 hour completion time, it seems a very solid game worth picking up if you are into that kind of game.

Invisible, Inc. is a turn based stealth game made by a smaller studio. It just recently came out on early access and I have some rambly thoughts of my gameplay time so far.

August 19, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 320) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Still trying to find some kind of balance in my schedule as bandwidth dwindles and parts of school close down.

August 16, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 173: No games - Link
For a number of reasons I haven't been doing a lot of gaming lately. It seems my life is going nowhere and if even given the chance to do my happy gaming life full time I may still not be supported by anyone. I have some sad thoughts about how my life is seemingly unchanging, and a reminder to those out there who do have entertainers they enjoy that they need your support.
August 12, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 319) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Life slows down as I have no reliable access to games I would enjoy playing, the one I really want to play is not playable for just short of a month, and the lack of any job hours creates more hours with fewer and fewer things for me to do.

August 9, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 172: Guardians - Link
Non-spoilery thoughts about how awesome Guardians of the Galaxy is. And further thoughts on Destiny, and what you may be seeing from early reviewers, and why I think some of those early reviewers aren't being fair in their analysis.
August 5, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 318) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

Between missing Destiny and the connection at the coffee shop being so unstable I don't feel like playing much these days. The sad and slow week seems even sadder and begins to feel incredibly long on the weekend days.

August 4, '14 - Monday - Destiny: A View to a Kill - Link
As part of my practicing editing, and just for fun, here is a Destiny trailer made from official trailers and other official media.
August 2, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 171: To the Moon - Link
Further thoughts on Destiny, including the preview of the first Moon mission.
July 29, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 317) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

I had more fun with my ex-guildie friends in Destiny, and as I try to save a bit I move away from spending so much time at the coffee shop and spend more time at school.

July 26, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 170: Becoming legend - Link
I decided to take a peek at the Destiny beta since it looks like I'll be able to keep my pre-order. I got to max level for the beta, and had lots of fun continuing to play beyond that in order to unlock more perks, see different things, and unlock better items. This rambling took place after about 10 hours played and covers the PvE content, general gameplay systems, perk systems, and general thoughts about the game. From what I've seen so far it should deliver on everything it promised, though it may have less PvE content than people might expect. But if you are into sci-fi shooters, this looks like it's an absolute must have.
July 22, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 316) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

I decided to peek at the Destiny beta, and for a few days I had an amazing good time. However, the third time I set up my system at the coffee shop the owner's son noticed and got all tweaked about it. It seems yet another plan I'd hoped for to have just a little bit of happiness and a normal life has come crashing down. I am forced to ponder alternatives if I'm to do any online console gaming.

July 19, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 169: Haunted times - Link
I have a new iOS game (iPhone, iPod, iPad) to talk about this time; Atari's Haunted House. However, this is not the old-school console game that came out once upon a time. This is a silhouetted side scrolling endless runner which is pretty cute and fun. If you are into that kind of iOS game you may want to give it a look, as it's free to play.
July 15, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 315) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

As the second full week of Epic Fail year 7 comes to a close my life has collapsed to the early days of being homeless. What was a recent change to trying to live life as much as I could and reveling in what little future I could see has been lost, and the days of my living for today, and seeing no future for myself have returned.

July 13, '14 - Wednesday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations are up.
July 12, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 168: Sad island - Link
I have some near final thoughts for Dead Island: Riptide in terms of how it compares to the play experience of Dead Island.

After six years of working at my job I was fired for basically no reason. I discuss how that will affect my gaming life, and what changes may affect future rabb1t's ramblings podcasts and my other rabb1t activities.

July 8, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 7 (week 314) - Link
The first week of Epic Fail year 7 is up.

This fail year has suddenly taken a dangerous turn for the worst. After six years working for the city, I am suddenly told I have no more hours and not to come in with zero warning and zero reason given. New people were hired prior to my being fired, so my only guess is they are purging out some of the older employees in favor of new ones they don't have to pay as much.

Please spread the word about my new Patreon page. For those unfamiliar with Patreon, it's basically a way to subscribe and support your favorite content creators. You can pick whatever monthly amount you'd like to support me with, and as far as I know change it at any time. With these extra hard times I'm about to have I can use all the help I can get, even if it's just helping to spread the message that I need help.

July 5, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 167: Another Island of the Dead - Link
In this retro review I cover Dead Island: Riptide. Dead Island: Riptide is effectively a full sequel to Dead Island. The game picks up right where the first one left off and our heroes are right back in the midst of everything. A few minor tech improvements are in the game, making the game look and play a touch better. Some inventory improvements make comparing items much easier. And there is a new skill system which gives you perks as you use a specific weapon type more and more. If you enjoyed the first Dead Island game, you'll like this one even more.
July 1, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 to 7 (week 313) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form, which includes the first day of year seven.

At the end of this year I find myself feeling very sad, yet at the same time, like it is just another day.

June 28, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 166: An Island of the Dead - Link
In this retro review I cover Dead Island. Dead Island is a first person 'shooter' game set on an island where an outbreak has occurred which has turned people into zombies. There is a quest hub system as well as random loot drop. (It can most easily be described as a Borderlands like game.) I like Dead Island a lot, and I'm very excited to see what the developers do with Dying Light coming in about 8 months.
June 24, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 312) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

As the fail year draws to a close I find myself becoming more sad. My heart feels missing or broken. And the film editing software license cycled, so it seems the choice of keeping it has been made for me, at least for the next 30 days.

June 21, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 165: Space Dragon - Link
At its core Space Run is a tower defense game. You go through different missions carrying cargo and building up your ship along the way to defend yourself from attacks. It is a bit different than normal tower defense games in that you unlock and upgrade towers outside of the missions themselves. After playing for 6-7 hours I'd say it's definitely worth your time if you enjoy tower defense games, but I'm not sure how much long-term appeal it may have.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the story of what happened to the village after the first movie. The dragons have become a big part of the city, and this movie explores just how much of the world dragons are a part of. If you enjoyed the first movie you should definitely go see this one.

June 17, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 311) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week I went to a student film showing. It brought up a lot of feelings both good and sad of old times in high school. I do really like my film stuff I've been doing, and I'm considering continuing to do it over the summer on my own. But will I ever find the things I've been missing ever since those days in high school? I don't know. As always, I think maybe I've missed my window and even though I know now how much I've missed it, I may never be invited to be a part of it.

June 14, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 164: A dog, a fairy, and tomorrow - Link
I have almost finished Watch Dogs and in this final thought section I go over some of the things which I dislike and some of the things I liked. I disliked a lot of the camera choices in the game. The forced zooming or changing position can really mess you up at times, causing you to fail a mission. The campaign seems to fight against the open world nature, as it's implied you should do some of the campaign before doing open world, yet once you do you don't really care as much about the seemingly small problems in the open world challenges. Reputation doesn't seem to really matter, outside of maybe which special side missions you are offered. Overall the game seems to fulfill its promises on a basic level, but that's really it. It's worth it if you are looking for a modern day inner city open world kind of game, but if you aren't thrilled by those ideas the game just seems kind of meh.

The Edge of Tomorrow is a solid mainstream sci-fi action movie. Nothing terribly new is presented, but it's a solid movie and decent fun.

Maleficent is a great re-imagining for a character we don't know much about. A lot of the visual styles and cinematic shots from the original are reproduced, and overall it feels like a very faithful reproduction of the original work in terms of overall style. However, the movie does present some deeper issues which I think younger viewers may have difficulty understanding. I'd say while it is rated for younger viewers, this really isn't something which can truly be understood by someone who is a pre-teen.

June 10, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 310) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week I worked so much on my final film class project I forgot to do my podcast. Also, there's a something going on with my eyes, making them goopy and irritated.

June 3, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 309) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Things seem more and more sad as the end of fail year six approaches.

May 31, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 163: X-Men Watch Dogs - Link
X-Men: Days of Future Past is based on two comics which cover the same story originally written in 1981. The events primarily follow the events which happen in First Class. In the future there is a war between humanity and the mutants, bringing mutants to the edge of extinction. The X-Men send Wolverine's consciousness back to his younger self in the hopes to change the events of history. I think this is one of the best superhero movies I've seen, and it's a must see for any X-Men fan.

Watch Dogs seems to deliver on its promises on a basic level. However, I would probably disagree that it really feels like anything amazingly new. Hacking seems just like locational power use, which other games have done before. Combat seems overly difficult in terms of balance and odds against you, and seems like an additional game smooshed on top of this other game. I would recommend caution to those considering a purchase and recommend that you may want to rent it instead.

Wolfenstein: The New Order did not disappoint. It continued to be as excellent as it seemed in my earlier impressions. There is good shooting elements balanced with solid characters and a good story. No one part of shooting or story seems overly long or like it's intruding into the space of the other. Levels and story flow naturally, and the story overall progresses at a good pace. Difficulty scales well, with the boss fights not being overly difficult as they can be in other games. In fact, the only problem I can see with the game is the minor graphical issues I encountered. Wolfenstein: The New Order is the first game I've played during my podcast series which I feel is basically a perfect game.

May 27, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 308) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Sad news this week. Apparently my boss can't do math and I will have no work hours for June. Also, fun film class is fun.

May 23, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 162: Panzerkaiju - Link
Wolfenstein: The New Order is an incredible continuation of the original Wolfenstein games. The game takes place primarily in an alternate 1960s timeline where Germany won World War 2 and has since expanded to take over the world. Because of that the game seems like a restart. While I'm only a small bit through the game it's got some very interesting mechanics in terms of game design, with a great story to back it up. If you are a fan of the original Wolfenstein games, particularly the first few games, or you are a non-realistic shooter fan, I highly recommend it.

Godzilla is a restart to the franchise. However, it's an incredible movie on its own, yet at the same time, there are tons of old-school original series elements in this newest version. I really hope they continue and make more, and highly recommend any Godzilla fan go see this while it's in theaters.

May 20, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 307) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

As the fail year nears a close, I become more sad about all the things.

May 17, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 161: Phantoms - Link
I saw 47 Ronin. Apparently this is an old Japanese story which is told quite often. While it was probably a great faithful reproduction, I can see why it didn't get high ratings from reviewers. The trailer comes off as a high-action movie with a lot of magic, yet the movie is almost completely devoid of that. Almost all of the magic and action was shown in the trailer, leaving little new for the actual movie.

I have probably spent 50-60 hours in Dark Souls 2 now, and this time I have some thoughts about the forced PvP nature when online, as well as give Dark Souls 2 a score based on my experience.

May 13, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 306) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Seeking quieter times, and feeling a bit sick from a cold.

May 10, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 160: Amazing spider soul - Link
I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was really good and develops the character and back story of Peter Parker. While the movie primarily focuses on the origin of Electro, it also introduces the origin of Harry Osborn's Green Goblin, and briefly touches on Rhino. It's a great action film with lots of character development. It's probably a must see for anyone who is a Spider-Man fan.

I have probably spent 25-30 hours in Dark Souls 2 and have some continuing thoughts about not being successful at passing the second boss. (Just after this recording I have managed to pass him and continued on.)

May 6, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 305) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Still feeling very sad about all the things.

May 3, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 159: Dark Souls Fireside - Link
I decided to pick up Dark Souls 2 based on so many people loving it. It seems to be a mix of Myst and Die by the Sword. (It is also somewhat similar to the Infinity Blade series.) The controls on PC are pretty terrible, and several elements of the game are both frustrating and seem a poor choice for game design. The game seems to punish players for seemingly no reasons at times. This is one well loved item I regret picking up.

I went to a live gathering for people to play Hearthstone and had a pretty fun time, despite needing to yell all night to be heard and only really meeting a few of the people who went.

April 30, '13 - Wednesday - System recommendation updates - systems link
New system recommendations are up.
April 29, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 304) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Feeling more and more sad as year six comes closer and closer to an end.

April 26, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 158: Heroes and a mouse - Link
I have some further thoughts on Heroes of the Storm. I'm now level 12 and go over the various things which happen as you get to level 10, and have some thoughts on gold earning and hero unlocks.

I got the brand new Logitech G502 'Proteus Core' gaming mouse. I totally love it.

April 22, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 303) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Good news and bad news this week. The IRS finally backed off on the $500 they claimed that I owed them, so that's finally clear. But there were some ass hats in the Heroes alpha. And, in general, I still feel sad and like I'm failing at life and won't ever recover.

April 19, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 157: A storm is coming - Link
I was invited to Heroes of the Storm's technical alpha and have some early thoughts. I discuss how the game works in general, and bring up some specific points as to why you may want to play Heroes compared to other MOBAs.
April 15, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 302) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Another convention comes and goes and I'm unable to attend. Another bunny day approaches. And still I feel alone, isolated, and unappreciated.

April 12, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 156: Movie night - Link
I saw Captain America 2 and it was pretty awesome. I think it's possibly one of the top 10 best movies I've seen. There are a few new characters, character development for all, a great story, and crazy good action.

I didn't know what to talk about as a second section, so I ramble about some movies I'm looking forward to which are coming out for spring and summer.

April 8, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 301) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

So very tired, and an eye thing.

April 5, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 155: WildStar weekend 2 - Link
I got to play in another WildStar beta weekend. This time I talk about housing, an adventure, and an attempt at a dungeon.
April 1, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 300) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

The unbearable pain returns, class ends, an unexpected weekend with WildStar, and a lost night of sleep.

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